Friday, February 3, 2012

I Hate to Do It ... But I Need to Do It!

Who likes to go and sort out computer issues? Certainly not me, but The Rose (being the persistent Rose she is) decided that we needed to take a trip to the Apple Store at The Shops at Mission Viejo mall  ( to see if we could learn how to create a logo for our new blog. The Peach figured, “How bad could it be? After all the store is in a mall, so there might be some shopping involved before it’s all said and done.”

With MacBook in tow, we made our way to the store to find an expert to help us with our endeavor. Since it was a weekday and not very crowded, we were able to check in right away and then were led to a table in the back to await one of the store’s experts.

A salesman named Mike (the store has salespeople, technicians and installers to assist with the varying levels of consumer issues) showed up a couple of minutes later and asked how he could help. We told him how we had just started a blog together and really wanted a catchy logo for it, but that neither of us had any idea how to create said logo (or how to use a graphic program, for that matter).

One quick glance at my computer was all it took to ascertain that I didn’t have the proper software (i.e., Photoshop, etc.) to create the type of logo we wanted (something along the lines of an English rose and a Georgia peach, floating inside a map of Orange County). In fact, my operating system is two operating systems behind (who knew?).

Mike (very patient and kind with the computer neophytes) informed me that I needed to at least purchase the next operating system update (Snow Leopard) and then I would have the App Store on my computer and be able to download a design app that we could use to create our logo. I ordered the update (for $29.99) — which only puts me one system further into optimal operate mode (evidently, there is something else out there called a Lion) — and I am awaiting its arrival. Once in hand, I can either install Snow Leopard myself (after I have backed up everything on my computer, Mike stresses) or return to the Apple Store and have an installer there do it all for me (um, guess which one I’ll be doing? … Better yet, anyone out there want to design a logo for 50 bucks?!).

Since we had Mike at our beck and call, we decided to pick his brain a bit more. He told us about Tumblr (another blogging platform that can be very easily personalized) and also walked me through a slight issue I was having with my iPhone. Talk about a one-stop shopping experience… and, might I add, an experience that was altogether more pleasant than we (at least, I) figured it would be at the outset. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 of the computer adventures of The Rose and The Peach!

Now, let’s get to the fun part…shopping! We decided to check out a few of our favorite stores to see just what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into. The Rose (who says she has a difficult time finding shirts and tops that will cover her navel because of her long torso) makes a beeline to Talbots (, where she says she can easily find longer, classic shirts that cover her entire body. She is quite fond of Chico’s (, as well. Meanwhile, The Peach finds just what she likes — and needs, mind you — at Banana Republic (, Gap ( and Old Navy (

That being said, The Rose found two “work” shirts for about $16 a piece (regularly $80 each), while The Peach picked out a pair of stretchy, low-cut black slacks and black, high-heeled sandals to match at Banana Republic. The sandals were not on sale, unfortunately. The Rose, however, did try and convince me that they look amazing and that I will wear them until they “plead for mercy.”
Having satisfied our clothes-shopping fix, we were ready to partake in another of our favorite things — eating! 

We headed to Café Nordstrom (, which offers a full menu including pizza, soup, paninis, pasta and more. The Peach grabbed a tray and headed to the salad section, where a young man behind the counter hand-tossed her Artichoke & Chicken Salad (complete with goat cheese and kalamata olives in a red wine vinaigrette, yum). The Rose chose the Parmesan Crusted Chicken Salad and a blueberry tart (which I think she preferred to the salad, which was entirely too soaked with honey dijon dressing for her taste). The only snafu with our dining experience was a slight problem with a lack of inattention on behalf of the servers. But once The Rose pointed out the situation (in her usual delicate manner), we were good to go.

While dining, we entered into a conversation about how we had such diverse shopping (and clothing) styles and determined that The Rose goes for quality, while The Peach is all about quantity. The Rose says she believes you should have a good cut of clothes to suit your body type, in a classic style that’s not going to go out of fashion. “A black dress, a suit, a pair of jeans that don’t give you a saggy ‘arse’ and a pair of good shoes that fit like a glove are essential to every woman’s wardrobe,” she says, “just like shampoo, a hairbrush and moisturizer.” The Peach, on the other hand, believes that the more the merrier and that she hasn’t done her job if she’s not getting 25 things for $50. (It gives me a sense of value, The Rose says.) I say I love trendy items and want as many as I can get at one time, and I also am typically very cost-conscious (after all, I am a freelance journalist, nuff said).

After lunch, we hit the one place we both can agree on — Macy’s (The Rose loves the store’s home goods, including bedding and bath items, while The Peach is addicted to the INC and Studio M women’s clothing lines). While waiting on The Rose to pick out some new towels, I perused the kitchen shop and will thus leave you with this thought: In what world does this coffee maker’s itty-bitty carafe constitute four cups?

I’m just sayin’ …
Until next week, happy computering and shopping!

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